Services Provided
Ancient Arts Massage provides a variety of services based on extensive
training over the last eight years.  I plan on continuing to expand the list
of services that my business provides.  

Pricing is based on the extent of training involved in the service being

Evenings, Fridays and Saturdays book up quickly, so I recommend
calling at least one week in advance for these times.  Weekdays usually
require two to three days notice.  Please call (402)310-0604 to book
your appointment time with Kim or (402) 310-9975 to book an
appointment with Sandi.  Some of the following treatments are therapist
specific and indicated in the description.  Thank you.
  Please ask if you have any questions regarding the best massage
choice for your personal needs.

  • Customized massage:  This is the signature massage at Ancient
    Arts and most recommended!  This technique is specialized for
    each client's needs and utilizes a combination of all the
    techniques.  Stress and tension will be a distant memory.  90
    minutes: $90.00, 60 minutes: $65.00, 30 minutes: $40.00
  • Foot Massage (Kim):  A treat for the feet!  A therapeutic foot
    massage that combines specific point work with "feel good"
    strokes to relax the entire body.  The 60 minute treatment
    includes a foot exfolliation, masque, and hot towels.  60 minutes:
    $65.00, 30 minutes: $40.00
  • Asian Fusion Massage (Kim):  East meets massage!  
    Acupressure points are stimulated with a variety of massage
    techniques to provide muscle relaxation, improved energy flow
    and a sense of overall well being.  Deep Tissue Massage
    combined with range of motion on the joints and acupressure
    means the ultimate relaxation for muscle tension.  Therapist may
    use Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medical Massage or Asian
    Restorative Massage during this deeply relaxing massage.  This
    technique is customized for each client.  60 minutes: $65.00
  • Prenatal Massage:  Pampering for the mommy-to-be!  Soothing
    massage that is preformed with the client side-lying while
    supported with pillows, prenatal massage focuses on all the aches
    and pains.  Client must be past their first trimester.  60 minutes:
  • Reiki Fusion (Kim):  Subtle work combining gentle hand
    pressure and light massage, this technique is deeply relaxing.  
    Reiki is used to even out energy flow, decrease stress, and put
    the client's mind at ease.  This technique is customized for each
    client. 60 minutes: $65.00, 30 minutes: $40.00
  • Fibromyalgia massage (Kim):  This massage incorporates work
    designed for each client with Fibromyalgia.  Light or deep
    massage will be used to the client's level of comfort.  Vibration
    and gliding are the primary techniques. 60 minutes: $65.00, 30
    minutes: $40.00
  • Ask about Asian Restorative Massage (with Kim), the
    newest technique at Ancient Arts Massage.  90 minute
    treatment: $110.00 and so worth it.  

Add on treatments (15 minutes):
  • Scalp massage                        $10.00
  • Foot or hand massage             $10.00
  • Sinus Facial Massage              $10.00
  • Detox Cupping                       $10.00

Aromatherapy is available as an add-on to any treatment (except
Prenatal) for only $7.00 more.  Please ask to experience the fragrances